On our first day out at the range at SHOT Show 2017 we came upon a new company that is working to get their rifles imported into the USA from Austria. The company is Ritter & Stark and the rifle they are bringing in early this year is the SX-1 modular sniper rifle. We were able to look at the rifle in detail and it is really well thought out and the quality is very high. There are several innovative ideas and we are scheduled to do a full T&E on one soon after things are setup for importation. Of course the rifle is chambered in the big three offerings: 308, 300 Win Mag, and 338 Lapua.


Bryan Webster

It appears from the logo on the rifle’s scope that they also make their own scopes as well???

Stephan Stark

The only thing I have encountered with rifles having metal stocks is in cold weather. The metal transfers the cold to the hands quick. Heavy gloves help but then adds to the problems of functioning the rifle. Even at the local gun shop touch a synthetic stock then a metal stock. You will notice a big difference. I do like them but for this reason will stick with synthetic stocks.


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