Welcome back to another Sniper Central report from the floor of the SHOT Show 2017. We are focusing more on the sniper rifles at SHOT in this report, but before we do, we have one more optics report:

Hensoldt – They are now offering a ZF 3.5-26x56mm FF-S Scope in tan. The Hensoldt scopes are fantastic and we expect this one to be no different.

Steyr – We just finished up our review of the Steyr SSG-04, which is an extremely accurate tactical rifle, and Steyr has now introduced a pro-hunter heavy barrel rifle with a 20″ heavy barrel and a similar stock to the SSG-04. If the accuracy is as good, it could be a nice lightweight alternative. It does not have the same 10 round DBM (it appears to be about 4) or some of the other features as the SSG-04, but it lists at about $1400 (street price will be less) which is significantly less than the SSG-04.

Cruxord – This company has a massive carbon fiber tripod with rifle and accessory mount that they claim will hold 150 lbs… and it looks like it. It has a nice gimbal head and a lot of accessories available, but the size and cost may be an issue. Especially the size if you have to do a covert insertion. We are planning on performing a review of the setup soon.

Remington – Of course, Remington is huge, but the thing we wanted to mention here is focused on a small part of their company and that is that their custom shop is back online full time. They were showing many different configurations of the custom 40X rifle, which has several Tactical versions available. Remember, this is the CUSTOM shop so they can custom build you many different style rifles. What was displayed was only intended to be a sample of what can be done.

Tikka – Tikka had some T3x rifles on display, but our pictures didn’t turn out, so we’ll try again later with some more information.

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