This will be our last report from the floor for the 2017 SHOT Show, though we may have a few follow-on posts as some new developments continue to come out. We spent more time hunting down new product releases that are related to Sniping, Sharpshooting and Designated Marksmen and ended up spending most of our time looking at rifles this time around.

SIG Sauer – The SIG 716 is not new and they have had a DMR version almost from the get go, but they have made some improvements to the 716 with the G2 and have released the DMR version in FDE (Dark Earth… or more commonly called, TAN). We do not review and talk about a lot of semi-auto’s, but we have reviewed a couple and the role of the Designated Marksman continues to grow in importance and we at Sniper Central will continue to devote more time and effort on DM rifles and equipment as we move forward.

Tikka – We tried on several occasions to get a better picture of the new T3x Tactical Chassis rifle, but Tikka would not let us remove the rifle from the rack and the lighting and background were just not great. It seems that everyone is coming out with chassis rifles now and we plan to talk about the pro’s and con’s of aluminum chassis’ soon. But these new T3x rifles look good and seem to hit all the popular features that people want. The core of the rifle is the Tikka Compact Tactical Rifle (CTR) which is a good tifle, and these rifles have their own Sako style brake as well.

Bergara – They already had a precision rifle in their lineup but we noticed the introduction of a new entry level rifle that will retail for about $1200 and they call it the Hunting and Match Rifle, or HMR for short. It weighs in a bit less than 10 pounds and includes a DBM setup and threaded barrel as well as flush cups. The stock is also adjustable and it looks to have some real potential for the price point. We’ll have to see how it performs with a full evaluation.

Aaron is a US Optics sponsored shoot and he had a very nice looking Bergara rifle at the show and we wanted to display what Begara is capable of doing with their custom rifles as well.

That about does it for this report… thanks for reading

Sniper Central 2017


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Ian Donaldson

first class keep up the good work can you see if there is a high capacity mag for a Blaser LRS 2 anywhere please I think this is my favoured rifle in my collection old but brilliant I am doing a charity shoot hear at my local range Stead Hall Farm LS29 7BH West Yorkshire100 shoots in 100 minutes at 100yards to hit 100 Bulls (1/4inch) for Cancer Research on 26/2/17 would you like to come along Yours Ian


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