We are very proud to announce the availability of enrollment for our entire 2018 class schedule. These classes include:

Headlining our classes this year is the introduction of our new Designated Marksman course that we developed due to many requests from current and future students. This new two-day class focuses on the skills that are important to the designated marksman including rapid target engagement, multiple targets, hold overs and other unique shooting skills needed to fill the DM role. The ranges are a bit shorter from 100-600 yards (occasionally further), but the engagements are no less challenging! Check out the information page for more details and specifics about the curriculum.

Additionally we would like to announce the Montana POST certification of our classes. If you have any questions about POST credit and certification, please contact us. We also will be doing our second annual SCAPE, a free training and evaluation day for Law Enforcement and Military.

All classes are open to Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians. Be watching for our alumni shoot and other fun events.

All 2018 classes are now available for enrollment and reservation.


Kevin Dugan

Where are you located, I would like to attend one of your classes if the location is right.


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