We were finally able to get all of the dates finalized and reserved at the ranges and they are now available for registration. Here are the dates for 2020

Long Range Precision Marksman – Basic
May 18-21 (Butte, MT)
June 22-25 (Polson, MT)
July 27-30 (Butte, MT)

Long Range Precision Marksman – Advance
July 30 – Aug 1 (Butte, MT) – Continuation of July Basic

Designated Marksman
Sept 11-12 (Polson, MT)

Combat Tracking Level I

Stalking Level I

We keep our class sizes small to insure all students receive as much dedicated instructor time as needed. Because of this, the classes tend to fill up quickly. If there is a strong demand, we will add additional courses as needed. We can also conduct a private class for either individuals, teams, or groups. Contact us for details.

Note: The combat tracking class is taught by our friends at Nortrack and they are still active duty military, so we are working on finalizing those dates depending on their availability. We want to teach the two day stalking class on the end of the tracking class, which is why we have not finalized that date either. More news to come on the field craft classes.

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Steve McNeill

I have steel rods in my back and it is really painful to be prone. I can get there but it’s not fun and it’s hard and painful to get back up. If I take your course do I have to shoot in the prone?


It is strongly encouraged, but we have accommodated others with physical limitations to allow them to shoot from a bench. But there are not benches at the firing lines, it would have to be a portable one that could be moved from place to place.


It will involve basic ghillie suit construction instruction. But there will not be enough time to construct a full ghillie. Probably just veils with instruction on how to do a full suit.

Chris Weldon

I just saw the 2020 classes were posted and the July 27 basic and advance are already full. Any chance of adding another advanced class?


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