Here is a story that should resonate well with us snipers. Near Mosul, Iraq, a British SAS unit was sent over to watch a bomb factory about 3 weeks ago. One of their snipers was overwatching when several men exited, three of them wearing heavy coats in the hot weather. It turns out they were covering suicide vests. The sniper was about 850 yards away when he fired his first shot, hitting and detonating the vest which killed the suicide bomber and two ISIS guards. The other suicide bombers tried to make their way back to cover. The second shot was a head shot, killing the second bomber. The third shot detonated the vest on the third bomber. There is standard operational security that is in place so we do not have the exact details and some of the info may be off, but this account appears to be accurate.

The SAS use the Accuracy International L115A3 in 338 Lapua and I suspect that was the rifle being used for this engagement. Anyway you look at it, that is some excellent shooting and our props and kudos go to that sniper. Three rounds, five kills… that is better than our ‘one shot, one kill’ mantra we all try to live by. Good job to our allies across the pond. Stay safe over their brothers… that goes to all of you still putting your life on the line.


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