We recently conducted accuracy tests on five more .308 win 168gr match ammo loads. You can see the full results and summary of all the 168gr ammo we have tested so far by heading here:

.308 Win 168gr Match Ammo Comparison Test

The five new loads for this round of testing consisted of:

Hornady Black 168gr A-MAX – A new line of ammo intended for black rifles
RUAG Swiss P Target 168gr – A Swiss load branded as “The Sniper’s Choice”
Count On ASAT 160gr – This is a modern Aero-Spike bullet design that is wild
LRS Precision 168gr ELD-M – A custom loaded ammo made to customer specs
PRVI Partizan (PPU) 168gr Match – This is a more affordable match ammo from Serbia

To see all of the different ongoing match ammo comparison tests we do, visit this page:

Match Ammo Comparison Tests

We are planning to do several more match ammo tests, including some more 175gr as well as adding a new test of 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Win Mag.


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