Its time for another friday update from your crew at Sniper Central!

It has been a productive week, we were able to publish a new book review for “Sniper in Helmand”, which you can see here:

Sniper Central Book Reviews

We were also able to get the Tikka T3 Sporter review completed and posted as well. If you have not seen it yet, you can see (and hopefully read) it here:

Tikka T3 Sporter: Full Review

We were actually out at the range a couple of times this week finishing up the shooting portion of the Nightforce 2.5-10x42mm Compact review as well as running some tests on some special 170gr 308 Ammo we are trying to get loaded. The more range time, the better! Though it was only 15 degrees yesterday when we were out, but hey, if you are going to test a tactical scope, it might as well be in harsh conditions.

That Nightforce review is the next one coming, and it should be fairly soon. We continue to also try and work out a few more dates for our PM shooting classes as we want to get as many people as possible to enjoy the experience with us.

The movie “American Sniper” comes out next week and the Trailers make it look good and some initial reports are very positive. We look forward to seeing how it turns out.

SHOT show is also coming up soon and we wanted to be there, but with everything happening this year and with as busy as we are, we passed on it this time around. Hopefully after we open the Sniper Central HQ later this year and bring on some more help, I’ll be able to free at least one or two of us up next year to attend. Its really a crazy place with lots happening, but we’ll just have to read the reviews this time around… and keep working on the pile of things we have here!

This weeks Random Rifle Picture is of a Steyr SSG-69 PI. This is one of the classic sniper rifles that is now over 40 years old and in reality, still does a decent job at its intended mission! Combined with a light weight 10x scope, these rifles make a very handy and effective sniper rifle. Accuracy with the medium weight barrel is quiet good. The plastic rotary magazines can be a bit fragile and the actions are not always the smoothest, but still, not bad for a 40+ year old setup.


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