HK took the opportunity at the annual conference for the Association of the US Army to show off its new M110A1. This rifle was the winner of the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) competition the US Army held in 20115-2016 to replace the M110 SASS. Due to some political and budget hand wringing, the rifle has gotten off to a slow start, but that appears to be behind it now and H&K was very willing and excited to show off the new rifle recently.

The photos included here are courtesy of HK. The new M110A1 is an upgraded version of the G28E with some changes and features to make it lighter and to meet the requirements of the US Army. The $44 million contract was awarded to H&K in 2016 and work moves forward, finally, on deploying the rifles.

The complete system includes the OSS suppressor as well as the Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50mm PMII Ultra Short scope. The original pictures of the CSASS contract winning prototype included an over the barrel suppressor, but these H&K pictures of what appears to be the production M110A1 does not show that same suppressor.

With 3600+ rifles on the initial order, the M110A1 should be a common sight among US Army infantry units in the upcoming years. HK also has announced they they have developed a version of this rifle that is more suitable to the Designated Marksman role. No doubt this new version was intended to fill the request made by the US Army for proposals for a new EBR/DM rifle. It would make sense to have a unified platform to minimize training for armorers and operators. We’ll be watching to see what happens with that proposal as well as the deployment of the M110A1.

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As long as it does what it is meant to. Otherwise to me, it just looks like another one of the thousands of M4/AR varients.


Does anyone know the color HK used on the upper and lower receiver? Asking for a friend…


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