Henry McBride is one of the forefathers of modern sniping in the US Military. This book is a real treat and a book that everyone with military interest should read. It is a first hand account of Henry McBride’s own experiences during W.W.I. Henry did not think that the USA was going to get into the war fast enough so he went up north in 1915 to join the Canadians and headed over to France. The book is an enjoyable read and written in a free spirited manner that I found enjoyable. H.W. is not overly dramatic or over zealous in his recounts of the war, he just matter-of-factly explains how it was. It is quite amazing how much of what he says is still true 100 years later. H.W. was mostly a machine gunner during his two years of fighting in the war but he did operate as a sniper for several months during the bogged down trench warfare periods, and there are a few chapters about it. His big agenda for the book is to emphasize the importance of rifle marksmanship and the individual infantryman, and yes, that is still the same 100+ years later.

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