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Welcome to the Sniper Central Membership signup page. Here you can signup for different levels of our yearly membership to Sniper Central.

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The purpose of Sniper Central is to provide information and a community for snipers and sniper enthusiasts. It is not necessary to become a member of Sniper Central, you will still have access to all our writeups on rifles, optics, ammo, history and all the other sniper related material. It will always be free and open to the public, that is our mission.

To contribute and post comments on articles and posts, you will need to be a SC Spotter (No cost, no CC info needed). In addition, we want even more interaction and community involvement, this is where the SC Insiders come in. By becoming an insider, you gain access to the more instructional information and articles, you get a discount on everything at SC, and we will periodically ask for feedback via polls from our insiders. To get access to all of that, we only ask for a donation of whatever you can provide. Be it $0 or $100,000. (Well, that would be nice). If you like what we are doing here, join in and be an insider!

SC Spotter Membership (No Cost):

  • Ability to make comments on any page on Sniper Central and join in the conversation
  • Ability to save carts and shipping information in the online store (We NEVER store CC payment info)
  • Automatically signed up for the Sniper Central Letter specialty email newsletter.

SC Insider (No Cost – Just Pay What You Can):

  • All the benefits of the ‘SC Spotter Membership’ level
  • Sniper Central member discount on everything in the online store
  • Discount on Sniper Central rifle packages
  • Access to member only content that include much more of the instructional information about advanced ballistics, ghillie construction, etc.
  • Access to all our eBooks in HTML format.
  • Access to back issues of the Sniper Central Letter
  • Access to our page with current market values of collectible sniper rifles
  • Access to our ‘Sniper World‘ online browser based training simulator and each new added mission
  • Ability to answer contribute and vote on community polls

One very important fact we would like to stress is that all of the current content that is available for free, will ALWAYS be free, and will continue to be added to. The restricted content is for new information that we have previously been reluctant to make public. We will continue to add additional member benefits as we work on new and exciting features to add.

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