We devised our 300 yard multiple head shot test as a means of evaluating a rifle’s overall performance when it comes to combat use. This is done by firing multiple engagements on a nondescript target at ranges that begin to stretch its legs beyond just 100 yards. It takes into account the combination of accuracy as well as the time to engage three head shots in a rapid manner. This helps illustrate weaknesses in the operation of the rifle, recoil control, comfort with the rifle, and other aspects that are hard to measure by just looking at or firing the sniper weapon system from a bench at close range.

A final score is awarded to the rifle based on it meeting the standards of 1 MOA and 24 seconds. A score of 100 is given for meeting those baseline standards. The score goes higher for exceeding the standards, or lower if it does not. We thought it would be beneficial to add a leaderboard that tracks all of the rifles we have ran through this test and compare them to each other. We will keep this list continuously updated to allow readers to see how the results for a rifle stacks up against others.

Sniper Central 300 Yard Head Shot Leaderboard

This page can also be found through the menus at the top of the Sniper Central web page under reviews->testing. To read more details about how perform this test, and others, take a look at our How We Test page. We provide more details there on how the test is conducted and the score awarded.


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Yeah, to be sensitive to our German friends, we refrain from the slang term for the target. But it is a very good target that we like to use here.

Ted Dunlap

I notice no semi-autos. I would expect to find an AR10-T or Super SASS at least given a shot at it (or three).


I’m building up an M40A-1 currently.

It will be done as close to issue specs (late 80’s-early 90’s) as I can practically get.

Would you be interested in reviewing this for the board here once it is ready (figure springtime)?


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