We just thought we would present a breakdown of the scope selection of our 12 students in our Advanced class, which ends tomorrow.

3 – Leupold
3 – Kahles
2 – Nightforce
1 – Premier Reticle
1 – Sightron
1 – Bushnell DMR
1 – Vortex

The high number of Kahles was interesting and they are fantastic scopes. The Holland was another interesting scope we don’t see a lot of.

This info doesn’t really mean anything, we just thought it was interesting and thought we would share.



Mel Ewing

Going from memory:

Kahles where all K624i
Leupold – Mk4 6.5-20x, Mk4 2.5-8x32mm MR/T, Mk AR 4-12x40mm
Vortex – PST
Nightforce – NXS 5.5-22×56
Sightron – SIII 6-24x50mm
Bushnell DMR

Michael Fitz

My PST was the 6-24X50 MOA. Last year I shot the Leupold Mk4 8.5-25X50 LR/T.

If I am able to return again, I would have something in the 3 or 4-12 to 16X range as you discussed at the end of class. All of the advanced 600 yd and under shooting was done at 6X and the only time I was at or above 12X was for dope or confirmation shots.

Thanks Mel!

Mel Ewing

In regards to the Vortex scopes, it really depends on which model. The PSTs and up are solid and a good comparison. Obviously the razor HDs are excellent. Some of the lower models are okay, but quality goes down with the models as you drop below the PSTs, etc.

Clayton Sitarz

Very interesting Mel. Has anybody come to any of the classes using the Horus Vision TreMor 2 scope?

Mel Ewing

We have had a good number of scopes with Horus reticles, but I do not recall any Horus Vision scopes coming through…

Brian Botterill

What would you bring Mel?

I would also be interested to data see this for bolt/semi & caliber.

Ray Pate

Just out of curiosity of the 12 rifles in this class what caliber’s were they chambered in? Keep up the good work. I learn something new every week here at Sniper Central.

Mel Ewing

Lets see, a majority were 308 like usual. But we also had a 300 Win Mag, a 6.5 Creemoor, and a 260 Rem.

Donald Ethredge

Just a note,has anyone shot above the 600 yd.mark,with a. 243(1.7.7 twist,26″ barrel?

Mel Ewing

Yep, we have had some 243’s come through class and we go to 1000+ yards. We have also shot to those ranges ourselves with the 243. You want to stick with the heavier bullets and if you have a fast enough twist, there are some wonderful long range bullets from Hornady, Berger, Sierra in the 105-115gr class.

Mel Ewing

On vortex scopes, I usually recommend the viper or better. The PST would be an even better starting point, but are a step up in price.


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