This book has received a lot publicity because of the fact that Chris Kyle is now the most lethal sniper in US Military History with 160 confirmed and 95+ unconfirmed kills, and because of the major motion picture that was made based on this book. The book itself is an autobiography and is written from Mr. Kyle’s perspective. An interesting part about the book is that there are paragraphs throughout the book written by his wife Taya from her perspective. The book flows well and while the author covers enough detail to know what is going on, there are not a lot of explicit details about the engagements, just some basic information about situations he found himself in. The book is a good look into the mind of some of our elite soldiers who have been in combat nonstop for over 10 years now and you can see how the constant stress of combat can affect the psyche. The book covers some back ground history of Chris Kyle and how he was raised and how he got into the SEALs, etc. Throughout the book you can tell that the author was dedicated to the SEALs and loved God and country and how that even impacted his marriage. Again, there are not a lot of details about training or even details about equipment used, but a lot of that is restricted for operational security. At some point down the road it would be very interesting to get the “detailed” version of the story, but for now this book offers a good look into one of the best of the best and how sometimes it takes as much luck as it does skill to enter the annals of history. I recommend the book. (Warning: decent amount of ‘military’ language. Not recommended for the young). Also, we all know that Chris is now longer with us, he died doing what he loved, helping others.

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