The following is our own review of the movie ‘American Sniper’. Not all of us here have seen the movie yet and as such the review does not constitute the opinions of everyone here at Sniper Central, but rather my own.

American Sniper is a film based on Navy SEAL’s Chris Kyle’s book “The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History”.  How do you portray a man’s life in two hours? You can’t, it just cannot be done in that short of a time.  For those of you who have read the book you may be a little disappointed in that there are a few changes that were made versus what is in the book and we assume it was done to help with the flow of the movie and to give it a bit more of a plot.  Anytime a script is written the director and producer will take liberties in telling the story their own way.

Though I did not personally have the opportunity to know the man, from the impression I received from reading his autobiography I believe the movie does capture Chris’s life and his morals that I believe made him the patriot that he was. The movie does a good job showing sniping in an urban environment, everything from their hides all the way to their sniper rifles as described in his autobiography.  There were non-spoken tells some of you shooters may catch such as eye and neck fatigue one will experience when behind the rifle for long periods of time, and one specific scene alludes he had been in position long enough he had to relieve himself on the floor of his hide. Footage through the scope with reticle were large and with high detail as they most likely would have been since he describes primarily using a high power Nightforce scope at mostly short to medium ranges.  The movie does not portray him only as a sniper providing overwatch, but follows his work with Marines and Army grunts going door to door clearing buildings, which he also did a lot of.  The movie also does a good job showing the emotional conflict and difficulties when returning home and dealing with issues that arise between couples and families who are separated due to war and an undying commitment to their duty and dealing with the loss of friends and comrades.  This movie is a must see.  If you want even further detail, then read the book as well.



Roger Goodwin

Read the Book and went to movie. Movie was close to the book. I now have a better feel
for what my brother went thru in Vietnam, The combat that he will talk about, and maybe
some he won’t. i was with the 82nd, but never left the states. Talking about Kyle may help
me and my brother. What a loss for the Kyle’s family, and America, I salute all that fought for my freedom.

erny kuncl

I’ve read the book and other printed stuff about Kyle and let us not forget that his wife Taya contributed chapters to the book giving us her perspective. How much editing was done I don’t know. The movie does have a couple of things that others have pointed out tome that didn’t happen at all but “peeing in place” is a reality. I commend all involved in the making of this film, thanks to Clint Eastwood and all the heroes involved. Now to solve the math below, Hhmmm

Blue 6

I actually worked with Chris off and on for a couple years. He helped me stand up a new sniper training program. The movie has a few “Hollywood moments,” but the actor who plays him absolutely nailed it. Actually freaked me out a bit watching Chris come alive on the screen. I have heard a lot of criticism, even from fellow warriors who (as non-snipers) don’t understand how he could keep count when they didn’t. They don’t understand the “science behind the art”… or that we are actually REQUIRED to log every shot. He was a very humble man in my experience… I learned of his record through a mutual friend. Never from him. Hopefully the book and movie will continue to be an educational opportunity for Americans, both armed professionals and civilians.


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