The Remington rifle packages that we put together have been a great success and likely will continue to be our number one seller. But we have had requests over the years to do something a little different and maybe even more high end in its base package form. The Tikka T3 (and now T3x) rifles are very smooth and well made and they have been getting some more after market support lately, so we decided to go that route. We start with just a basic T3x Lite rifle and essentially strip everything off of it and just use the action. We then use a Benchmark 5R barrel on all of them, which means we now offer any caliber for the same price, and you can select your rate of twist for the 5R rifle since we order each barrel custom. We use the same straight taper Tikka heavy barrel contour so there are no issues with inletting in the various stocks, and it is a good profile.


Of course, all of the same muzzlebrake and threading options are available on the Tikka that is available on the Remington, but if the buyer elects the large bolt knob it is a bit cheaper as they are easier to swap out. We like the Mountain Tactical large bolt knobs and use theirs. The one thing we do NOT like about the Tikka’s is their use of plastic for the bolt shroud and floorplates, so we change those out with high quality aluminum ones from Mountain Tactical on all of these packages as part of the base price. These new floorplates use the Tikka factory detachable magazines. The scope and bipod choices remain the same as on the Remington package and we can get just about anything, but there are not as many stock choices available. Slowly that is changing and eventually Accuracy International will release their AICS chassis for the Tikka (They announced it a while ago) and we’ll add that as an option.

The prototype you are looking at here is chambered in 260 Remington and has the Muzzlebrake option with a 1:8″ twist barrel. It has the large bolt knob and the Bell and Carlson M40 medalist stock with full aluminum bedding block. The scope is the nice Burris XTR II 2.5-10x42mm. The rifle was built for young teenage girls to shoot and in 260 with the muzzlebrake, the recoil is gentle. These rifles with the high end barrels are shooting .5 MOA which this one does. We hope that Timney will release a trigger for the Tikka at some point, but until then, only the factory trigger is offered.


Because of the higher end barrel and replacement parts on each rifle, the base package is more expensive than the Remington and Howa and starts at $2000. Like the others packages, this price includes the complete rifle as well as optics, base, rings, bipod and case. The rifles are zeroed at 100 yards once completed and before shipping back to the customer. We still have to go through the same process of sending out the base rifle with a return shipping label before we begin turning it into your ordered rifle package, just as we do on our Remington and Howa packages. We are very pleased with how these Tikka rifles have turned out and think that you will be too!

Head on over to the Tikka Rifle Package page to see more details and pricing.



Hello. We have planty of tikka owner in here finland… Why dont you put tikka ctr and gsr stock. All you need for basic shooting!

Mel Ewing

The CTR is a good rifle and we sell them here at SC, but the CTR only has a 20″ barrel and the odd floorplate (TRG style), so we wanted to go upscale and allow any length barrel, so there was no need to spend the extra on the CTR. But we do like them


Mel, the stock that Henri is referring to is by GSR. At one point, Mountain Tactical was showing them on their site; I don’t believe that they are offering them at present. I’ve seen some videos of guys shooting .338 LM and 6.5-284 on Blasers and Tikkas outfitted with GSR stocks; they look pretty nice, and are very highly-regarded in Scandinavia. Might be worth consideration for these packages. I believe that the guy who designs the stocks and oversees stock production for GSR is a sniper.


Sure thing. I really enjoy shooting both of my T3 platforms; such ultra-smooth actions, and consistent accuracy. Prints tiny groups with good ammo.
My third modern rifle is a Savage 110, chambered in .284 Win, purely because I can change the barrel myself. If it weren’t for that aspect, I would have a third Tikka.

Blue 6

So tempting, Mel. I was at the range with a friend shooting a T3X yesterday and it was smooth as silk.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably never buy one, as the .308 Rem700 you built for me is still running 0.25-0.33 MOA groups at 100 (when I do my part… occasionally). I have unfortunately bragged a bit too much to my bride and killed my chances of another one anytime soon… victim of your own success, Mel. Haha.


I own a ctr and currently working up some hand loads for it. Will use it as an all around hunting rifle, love the 20″ barrel for ease of carry and works great in box stand. Do you have any advise for a light weight hunting stock that will fit the contour of the ctr? Thanks for any info. AWSOME that you are now building tikkas, I think they are what the model 700 used to be.


Bell & Carlson is making a few stocks that fit the CTR and they are good. I would also look hard at the McMillan stocks, they will typically inlet any stock for the Tikka that they do for the Rem 700. The HTG might be an excellent choice for what you want to do.


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