We are proud to announce the first of many eBooks that will be available from Sniper Central. We will have a complete series of books covering some of the skills and techniques utilized by snipers as well as history, equipment and other information. We figured we would start with the fundamentals and this first book is about the fundamentals of marksmanship and is now available on Amazon, just follow this link:

Marksmanship for Snipers: Book 1 – The Fundamentals

We are attempting to keep the prices as affordable as possible for these books ($2.99) and they will also be available in printed format in the future. Do be aware that if you are a Sniper Central Insider, these books will be available for no cost in HTML format as well. If you are not an Insider, there is no reason not to join. It is a “Pay What You Can” model and yes, if you really cannot afford to pay anything, you can still join for free. Find more information here.

Enjoy the book and thank you for your continued support!

Sniper Central 2019

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