This book is a little different from what we typically read and review for here at Sniper Central in that it is a science fiction novel. Looking for an easy Sci-Fi read I picked up this book because of the military theme and hoping to find a good series to read in the future. It turns out this book, number one in what appears to be a long series, has a very heavy sniping theme. The book is based several hundred years in the future with future technology. I liked the authors’ ideas on the future of military and infantry technology, especially in regards to Force Recon as well as sniping and how it would still play an integral role on the battlefield. It is a fun read that has sniping elements, and for that it was exactly what I was looking for in this type of book. Both the authors are ex-military so they get the protocol right as well as some of the inter service rivalries and those feelings. All in all, a good sci-fi read if that is what you are looking for.

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