We have completely revamped the Book and Media Review page with a whole new look, better organization and more importantly, every item has been given a star rating. We have broken the various sections down into different categories and have listed them in descending order based on our scoring system to allow you to more easily find a book based on how well we reviewed it here at Sniper Central. As a part of this better organization, we have also given each reviewed item its own page so we can provide more in-depth reviews and details moving forward. Check out the review page here:

Sniper Central Book and Media Review Page

To go along with that, we have added a new book review which you can get to from the review page above, or directly by heading here:

Soviet Women Snipers of the Second World War

One final note, while redoing the Book & Media Review page we realized there are many new Sniper related games, software and movies that we have been remiss in reviewing. We will be adding more of those reviews going forward and not just books, this is to get as much of that info out as possible. This will include ballistics software as well and apps for devices.

Enjoy the new page and review.


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