Thanks again for all the support and interest we get from everyone! Today we have several new additions to Sniper Central that we would like to announce and hopefully they are a benefit to everyone.

New Book Review Posted
We added a new book review, “SAS and Elite Forces Guide, Sniper. Sniping Skills From The World’s Elite Forces”. It is a long title, and unfortunately it was not its only shortcoming. To see our review of the book, head over to our Books and Resources page.

Competitive Rifle Matches
We have a Sniper Central shooting team that competes and we know many snipers, past and present, who compete and it is a great way to keep your marksmanship skills honed and sharp. So we decided to start keeping track of all of the rifle shooting matches going on around us. We are familiar with the region around Montana so those are the ones we have listed right now, but we are happy to add any other matches that you know of in your area, just let us know. We are trying to keep it focused on rifle matches that pertain to sniping. Head over to our Competitive Rifle Matches page.

New Products Added
Also, we have added several new items to the Sniper Central store.
 Ruger Precision Rifle


Howa 1500 Multi-Cam



Steyr Pro Hunter THB



Sabatti Rover Tactical



Weather Proof Sniper Central Log Books




Social Media
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