Build your own affordable tactical rifles

When we originally wrote the Build your own sub $800 custom tactical rifle article, it was a one time project written to help the guy, or even agency, on a low budget to be able to get a semi-custom tactical rifle. Little did we realize how fun the project would be and how popular it would become. It wasn’t too much longer after the original project that things fell into place with a member and a 2nd project was started to do it again but with a Remington 700, and that article was very popular as well. There are also other ideas we would like to try, so we figured we might as well create a central page to place all the DIY custom rifle build articles, and so, this is that page!

Below you will find a list and links (click on the image) to all of the SC do it yourself custom rifle build articles. These articles are viewable for by SC members only, enjoy them, and feel free to email us new build ideas.



The original sub $800 custom build using a Stevens 200 action. The article rifle is chambered in .30-06.


We revisit the original sub $800 rifle build and perform some upgrades and provide a status report.


This time around we attempt to build a remington 700 based rifle for under $850, and don’t quite make it, but we are close. The article rifle is chambered in .308.