Burris released the XTR II version of their scope a year or so ago, but they have just announced some additional improvements to the scope line including some new reticles, but even more importantly, a new knob design that allows 100 clicks per revolution. This means 25 MOA or 10 MIL of revolution per rotation. With the MIL version that equates to 100 to over 900 yards with the 308 in a single rotation. Only about 800 yards with the MOA knobs, which are both very good.

The scopes also have a FFP reticle, 34mm tube, Illuminated reticles (several designs) and zero stop feature. There are many magnification ranges available, but the 3-15x50mm looks particularly good to us (and is pictured below)

They have all the right features, now we will need to bring one in for a full review to see how they perform in the real world.




parece exelente , ;los felicito , la veremos en el campo como funciona , un saludo cordialpara todos !
(seems excellent; I congratulate, we will see how it works in the field, a greeting cordialpara everyone!)

William Phillips

I just bought a PWS MK-220 and want to use a Burris XTR II on it but cannot decide which would be best. I want to push the rifle to the max distance I can but also want to the optics to good. I would welcome the thoughts of all. I am a military member and don’t have an $3000+ for optics and heard a lot of good thing about the XTR II.

Mel Ewing

The XTR II is a good solid choice for the price. In regards to which magnification to get, shoot us an email with the type of shooting you plan to do and we can help give some suggestions. If you are planning to use it in the field, we recommend backing down on the magnification for better field of view and light gathering. But if you are planning to just punch holes in paper at a range, then you can go higher.


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