• Manufacturer: Parker-Hale
  • Model: C3, C3A1 and M82
  • Caliber: .308 Win (7.62 NATO)
  • Barrel: Heavy, Hammer Forged, Free Floating
  • Barrel Length: 26" (660mm)
  • Trigger: Single Stage, fully adjustable for weight, backlash, and creep.
  • Stock: C3A1 - McMillan A2
    C3 - Wood with font Beavertail & accessories rail
  • Additional Notes: C3A1 Scope - Unertl 10x USMC
    C3 Scope - Kahles Helios ZF69 6x42

The C3 is a Parker-Hale Model 82 with a Kahles Helios ZF69 6×42 scope. The M82 is the sniper version of the Parker Hale 1200TX target rifle. The actions are glass bedded and the rifles tuned for accuracy, including the triggers. The original C3 was adopted in the Canadian military in the 70’s and served very well for many years. The M82 was also adopted by Australia and New Zealand and some M82’s still serve in a few other countries around the world. As most all Parker Hale rifles were, the model 82 was based on a Mauser 98 action. The M82/1200TX has won its fair share of shooting competitions and are known for excellent accuracy.


CASR C3A1 Detail


Back in the 80’s, the Canadian military wanted to upgrade their sniper rifle, and decided to just upgrade their existing C3’s. The rifle was renamed the C3A1 and really is an all new rifle. The most notable upgrades are the stock, scope, and addition of a 6 round detachable box magazine. The Canadians decided to use a McMillan synthetic stock and used the A2 with an adjustable saddle type cheekpiece and to glass bed it. Obviously this is a major improvement over the original wood stocks. The scope was also a nice upgrade, they went from the Kahles ZF69 to the Unertl 10x USMC. The C3A1 still serves in the Canadian Armed Forces along side their McMillan Tac-50’s that have become so well known. There are active trials currently being done to evaluate a replacement for the C3A1’s, the front runner is a Accuracy International Super Magnum in either .300 WM or .338 Lapua. But for the time being the C3A1 is still the primary sniper rifle and still has some good years left.


C3 with night vision scope



M82 (Thanks Enrico!!)





Robert Gabel

I owned a Parker Hale c3 back in 1972
I was wondering how much it would cost to replace it.

Mel Ewing

An original C3 will be difficult to locate, but if you can find one it would probably be a few thousand USD. You might be able to build a nice replica with a PH Model 82 for less.


Canada has adopted a new sniper rifle, the Canadian built .338 C14 Timberwolf. The C3A1 is no longer the primary sniper rifle.

Mel Ewing

Yep, we are aware. We are working on getting some good one-on-one data for the rifle and plan to post some info.


Hey guys – just bought a PH 1200 TX and am aiming to make up my old C3 ( 3RCR sniper 78-83′ ) Where can I get the target sling – any ideas ?


I don’t have a line on any of the slings, but I love your C3 project! Good luck and keep us posted

Scott Willems

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Parker Hale c3 to do some winter shooting. It was equipped with the Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm (34mm) CDS-ZL2 Side Focus. The rifle felt just right. You know when you have found your gem. Even better, I’ve been shooting the 7.62×51 since I was 10 and know it’s ballistic characteristics well. We had three rounds. Target range was 200 meters. I’m pleased to say that all three cold bore rounds were within 4″ of each other. I really like this rifle.


the C-14 is much better then the C-3. Rounds fired from the C-14 were going through gongs on the sniper range that the C-3 couldn’t reach. I am a former weapons tech and was told this by a sniper Sergeant in my Weapons Shop.;


Hey Mel, great reviews. Just wondering if you’ve gotten around to testing the new Canuck Timberwolf sniper rifle yet. Always look forward to your no nonsense approach to rifles & shooting.


Thanks for the comments. We have not yet been able to do a full review, but they are a nice rifle. we hope to get our hands on one soon.

John Doak

I was cleaning up in my folks house; it;s many years now- since they left us. I just re-discovered a pair of identical WWII, original, as issued, Canadian Army, like new rifle scopes, which I recall buying around 1975. (thought they’d been stolen!:-(. They’re Lyman Alaskans, with ring-mounts to fit on the left slab side of the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk 1, No. 4 Mk. I* and Mk. II* etc. accurized sniper rifles. Both scopes are in their original clam-shell, khaki-finished, deep-drawn steel cases, with shoulder strap. The serial nos stenciled in white in the cases match the numbers on each scope.
I might be willing to part with them, given a serious “incentive” ;-).
We were (are) in the used precision machine tool business and have supplied munitions oriented mfg. for a few years now. Ask for jd, via the office. 1-888-459-4025.

Z Ohanian

C3 Canadian is a descent long range rifle. Back in early 90’s some of the Kahles scopes and the funky night sights an/pvs-503 (i believe that is what it was) were sold on the surplus market. Then some of the canvas carriers for the ZF69 scopes came out. Never saw the sling though;


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