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SC Insiders Poll and HQ

Come join the conversation and help direct future projects and articles at Sniper Central

Introducing Sniper Central Insiders

Its like a premium member, but better! And you get to set the price…even free if that is all you can afford

Level 1 Tracking Course

We are hosting a Level 1 Tactical Tracking course taught by Nordtrack on June 18-22

600 for 600

Can we come up with a $600 sniper weapon system that can operate as a 600 yard sniper rifle? We call it our 6-4-6 concept.

Sniper Central Endorsed

It has to be earned, and when it is, we stamp it with our approval!

Sniper Central Holiday Break

We will be out of the office Dec 21st – Jan 2nd to celebrate the holidays with family and friends

Episode 14 of Sniper Talk

We discuss the M1D on our latest video from our YouTube channel