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Advance Class Scope Selection

We just thought we would present a breakdown of the scope selection of our 12 students in our Advanced class, which ends tomorrow. 3 – Leupold 3 – Kahles 2 – Nightforce 1 – Premier Reticle 1 – Sightron 1 – Bushnell DMR 1 – Vortex The high number of Kahles was interesting and they are fantastic scopes. The Holland was another interesting scope we don’t see a lot of. This info doesn’t really mean anything, we just thought it was interesting and thought we would share.

M1C/D Sniper Rifle page updated

We have updated the M1C page with more information about these classic sniper rifles. Feel free to check the page out here: M1C/D Garand Sniper Rifles

Independence Day 2015

We at Sniper Central know that freedom comes at a high price and that the freedoms we enjoy and love in the United States of America are unique and valued by all our readers. We just wanted to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and we would also like to recommend that we all take a minute today to remember that high price and all those that sacrificed everything they had earning our freedom and all those that have since given so much to preserve those same freedoms in the years since our independence. Do take some time to celebrate this holiday with family and friends and enjoy the unique… Read more »

Long Range PM Class 2015-2 Recap

Class 2015-2 was our first class at our new location in Polson, Montana. The weather turned out great and the shooting opportunities were fantastic. The winds played lots of tricks, but that is the best environment to learn in and the students, while initially frustrated, picked it up very well and did great. With shooting engagements capable to well past 1000 yards, it allowed our instructors to get imaginative with target placement and allowed the students to help thwart yet another zombie invasion. Feel free to check out the pictures below.

New Book Review Added

We just posted a review of the novel James 516 which is based around some law enforcement snipers. You can read the review here: James 516

Friday Update – 19 June 2015

Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations on making it through another week. So what has been happening around Sniper Central… well, I suppose we’ll start with the status of the Sniper Central HQ in Victor Montana. Everything is proceeding on schedule for a September opening. The meeting went well with the ATF and hopefully the new FFL for this location will be forthcoming soon. We have moved in some display counters and we have our nice slat boards on their way to mount on the walls. We’ll have the actual SC sign made starting next month so we can have that hung. We are excited, and it’ll be great to have… Read more »

Long Range PM Class 2015-1 Recap

I just wanted to throw up a quick recap of our first Long Range Precision Marksman class for 2015. The class was filled with 10 students, we cap the limit at 10 students to insure we can devote full attention to all students, and all of the students had a great attitude and were fun to have in class. The weather was a bit wet on day one, but we dodged the major thunderstorms the rest of the days and it turned out great. The wind was more calm than normal, which was easy to shoot in, but didn’t give as difficult of a challenge as it normally is. Here… Read more »

Friday Update – 2 June 2015

I know, its not Friday…. Welcome everyone to today’s Friday update (on Tuesday)! Of course, things continue to be busy around Sniper Central. We posted our review of the Nikon 7i LRF, but it did not perform as well as we hoped it would. The next review coming up is the Burris XTR II scope review. It is just about done, but will be put on hold the rest of this week (see below). After the Burris is a review of a Proof Reseach carbon fiber rifle chambered in 260, as well as some other minor reviews on the Nightforce direct mount scope rings and base, Zeiss LRF, and some… Read more »

Memorial Day 2015

This day is set aside for us all to take a moment to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. While we take this day off of work, and spend it with family and friends, let us all take a moment to put aside our political views, our disagreements about whether a conflict was justified, or not, and let us all remember those who fought and died to preserve freedoms and uphold their duty. This extends to Law Enforcement and First Responders as well, those who put the preservation of their life behind the saving of another. For all of you that have lost… Read more »