US Army Selects SIG optics

SIG Tango 6 1-6x24mm FFP scope selected for new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

SOCOM Switching to 6.5 Creedmoor in 2019

US Special Operations Forces will be switching their 7.62 NATO rifles to 6.5 Creedmoor starting next year

US Army Selects H&K G28 for SDMR role…

The Army further muddies the water with a recent announcement for a Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

McMillan’s New A6

The latest tactical stock from McMillan

USMC to increase size of STA platoons

USMC is moving forward with a plan to increase the size of the Scout Sniper platoons by 8

2018 Product Announcement – Nikon

Nikon announces their new image stabilizing Monarch 3000 Laser Range Finder

2018 Product Announcement – Timney

Timney finally comes out with a replacement trigger for the Tikka T3 series of rifles.