Added the M40-66 to the shop

M40-66 can now be purchased in the SC Shop

New Vortex Razor AMG

Vortex continues to work hard to keep at the forefront of the tactical scope market. Their Razor HD scopes are excellent and in an effort to stay in step with the latest features offered on the latest high end tactical scopes, they have announced their new AMG version of the Razor HD. AMG stands for Advanced Manufacturing Group. The scope is lightweight, at least for a big scope, coming in at 28.8 ounces, making it less than 2 pounds. Though it is still a large scope, but it is a full featured scope with all the latest features including indexed HD glass, zero stop, and even micro zero adjust, meaning… Read more »

3 Shots, 5 Kills

Here is a story that should resonate well with us snipers.

McMillan announces some new camo patterns

McMillan announced a few new camo patterns for their stocks. They have the Spectre and Ambush series of patterns with a few different color options in each pattern. The Spectre series mimics aspects of the digital camo and is available in Woodland, Desert, Urban, ACU and Forest. Below is a picture of the Woodland color scheme. The second pattern is called the ‘Ambush’ pattern and it was developed for desert and foliage that is located around the Southwestern US or other similar environments. It is available in Desert Ambush and Coyote Ambush. The Coyote Ambush is pictured below. Both camo patterns are molded in so they will not scratch and… Read more »

Steyr SSG Carbon now available in USA

Steyr announced their SSG Carbon rifle back at SHOT in 2014, but the orders came pouring in and they were backlogged for over a year. Finally they have gotten caught up and there will be rifles available in the USA. The SSG Carbon uses the same barreled action from the SSG08 chambered in 308 with a 20 or 22.4″ barrel and the uses a carbon fiber stock to complete the rifle. The fully adjustable stock does not use woven carbon fiber fabric, but rather uses “chipped” carbon much like Formula 1 cars do. Carbon fiber is light weight, but even so, these rifles are not lite, weighing in at over… Read more »

ABM Ammo Adds .260 Rem Loads

Applied Ballistics Munitions has added the .260 Remington to their lineup of long range precision rifle ammo. Both of their loads uses Berger high BC bullets for long range performance and they appear to be good loads if your rifles like the Bergers. The first load uses the 140gr Hybrid Match Target bullet launched at 2789fps, which when combined with the high BC of 0.618 (G1) should provide excellent long range performance. The second load uses a lighter 130gr Hybrid OTM Match bullet launched at 2847 fps. The BC on this bullet is .564 (G1) which will provide a good mid weight 260 load. For the 260 I always like… Read more »

Sniper Central Acquires Northwest Defense

Sniper Central is proud to announce that we have acquired a controlling interest in Northwest Defense (NWD), a premier training group located in Northwest Montana. By bringing the NWD team into the Sniper Central family, it will allow us to expand our training capability and teach the art and science of long range shooting to even more individuals who share in our passion. During the evaluation period of this acquisition we took the time to observe firsthand the NWD training staff in action and were impressed with their professionalism, attention to student needs, and their love and passion for teaching. After meeting with the team and discussing their views on… Read more »

Remington Defense Offers Products to Civilians

Remington defense has just announced that they will start offering some of their products for sale on the civilian market. One of those products is the M2010 sniper rifle that is slated to replace the M24. The price will not be cheap, but if you ever wanted one, now you can get one.  

Law makers propose Chris Kyle receive the Medal of Honor

Last week Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) introduced a bill in congress to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. It will be interesting to see where the bill goes but we here at Sniper Central support it! Even after a member of congress recommends the Medal of Honor be awarded, the nomination process is fairly long. It involves the request makes it way up a long chain of command including the chief of staff of the U.S. Army, the secretary of the U.S. Army and the secretary of Defense. Only then does it ultimately land on the President’s desk.