Weaver Tactical 3-15x50mm

Can the Weaver tactical scopes produce the results we need? We take a detailed look to find out

Tactical Operations XRay-51

Another Tactical Operations masterpiece using the McMillan A5 stock

Manners Composite Stocks

We take a look at a Manner’s stock to see how nice they are

Tactical Rifles M40T4

Tactical Rifles is another one of the high quality custom tactical rifle manufacturers here in the USA. They have been around for a while now and have been producing some very high quality rifles, originally based on the tried and true Remington 700 action, but now they have developed their own “Chimera” action and are building most of their rifles on this new “similar to the 700” action. Tactical Rifles recently provided us the opportunity to fully test and evaluate one of their M40T4 rifles chambered in 308 Win., which we were happy to accommodate. While the rifle is called the M40, do not confuse it with the USMC M40… Read more »

Tactical Rifles M40T2

We review another Tactical Rifles build, this time in .260 Rem

Russian Dragunov SVD

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)-Dragunov Sniping Rifle was the first rifle designed from scratch as a sniper rifle, and was introduced in the 1950’s. It has very limited similarities to the Kalashnikov series of rifles. The SVD can be expected to shoot 2 MOA with quality ammo. I have some personal experience with an original SVD (circa late 1970’s). While the weapon was a bit crude when it comes to workmanship, it still functioned flawlessly. We shot extensively out to 900 meters. The rifle is extremely deadly, even with cheap surplus ammo, out to about 600 meters. After that, your pressed to hit consistantly. We easily were maintaining sub 2… Read more »

Tactical Operations – Bravo 51

We love the McMillan McHale stock, and when combined with a Tactical Operations rifle build, does it equal sniper rifle bliss? Let us find out…

Remington 700 SPS Varmint

We take Remington’s basic heavy barrel varmint rifle and put it through a full test, the results are pretty good.

US M1C and M1D

The rifle that started the US Army’s trend of semi-auto sniper rifles