The complete title of this book is Confirmed Kill, Heroic Sniper Stories from the Jungles of Vietnam to the Mountains of Afghanistan. As the long title indicates, the book is a compilation of stories about various snipers from the Vietnam War until today. Unfortunately, the stories are for the most part just the same stories taken from the various other books written by or about the snipers themselves. The stories are written in the words of the author, Mr. Cawthorne, so they have a slightly different twist, unfortunately, it is a twist that was a little too rah-rah and portrayed the snipers more as a video game super warriors than the hard working dedicated craftsmen they are. A good number of facts and figures were also incorrect with wrong data given about rifles and ammo used and in some cases, the completely wrong rifle was cited. In other cases, a different effective range was cited for the same rifle that was used by different snipers in different chapters. The compilation of different stories about different snipers through the various wars is a good idea. Unfortunately I feel it would be better to get a more detailed and accurate account from the sources directly by reading the other written texts about the same snipers mentioned in this book.

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