Crimson Trace has been a leader in the advancements in laser sights and tactical lighting systems for defensive-minded citizens and US federal and state agencies alike for nearly 25 years. They recently announced that they will be broadening their products with the release of 11 new rifle scopes designed to meet the needs of a full range of shooters.

Scopes will be available for short, medium and long range demands with a wide range of variable options. Each rifle scope will incorporate components designed by the companies manufacturers in Oregon and will include features such as multi-coated Japanese glass in first focal plane, various etched in illuminated reticles, and 30 and 34mm tubes. An interesting feature we look forward to seeing first hand is the Red Alignment Ring (RAR) Technology. It is a red ring that appears as the shooter takes aim then disappears once the eye is aligned properly ensuring the shooter has a correct sight picture with no scope shadow. We are not sure how critical this actually is, but it’ll be interesting to check out.

MSRP ranges from $499 to $1999 and all scopes are covered under a their full lifetime warranty and the company’s free battery for life program. We look forward to seeing first hand what Crimson Trace has to offer and will get one here for review as soon as we can. Models should be available by Jan 15, 2019.

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