Česká zbrojovka, or CZ for short, simply means Czech Armory, of which there used to be many. The CZ company we know today has a history as a state armory that dates back into the 1930s. They enjoy a good reputation of making high quality firearms combined with old world craftsmanship. They currently build pistols, shotguns, rifles, and carbines as well as tactical versions of each. They do have some history and experience building sniper rifles as well, which of course is what we are interested in most.

Prior to the introduction of the CZ750 S1M1 that you see on this page, there was first a similar CZ700 M1 sniper rifle. The CZ700 was a unique product all on its own and not based on any other rifle and it was know for excellent accuracy and sound design. The CZ 750 S1M1 that replaced it, and the one we have in our collection, is a dedicated sniper rifle built on the robust CZ550 action. While it is not as unique as the CZ700 was, it is still a dedicated sniper rifle with some solid features and good specifications.

One of the things we like best about the CZ750 is a design feature of that CZ550 action that is based on the old classic Mauser 98. With that Mauser design comes the control round feed and its other robust design features. CZ also paired the action with a detachable box magazine that fits flush into the deep stock and has a handy mag release lever located inside of the triggerguard, right where you normally would find a hinged floorplate release lever. That magazine also has a unique to CZ750 feature, a rubber sleeve that fits around the bottom portion of the magazine that is there to keep the it from rattling. It is these little features that endeared the CZ750 to us. Remember, the effectiveness of a sniper rifle is not only about the pure accuracy of the rifle, but how it works in the field as well. The rifle is a bit bulky and heavy, especially for a simple .308 rifle, but it does also have an adjustable stock.

We did a full review on this very rifle and you can ready how it performed here: CZ750S1M1 Full Review. We only used two types of ammo during the test, and if it were tested by us now we would have tried more varieties. The performance, while sub MOA, was not exceptional. That did not mean that we did not like the rifle, in fact, we obviously did because we added it to the Sniper Central Collection. Its just a cool rifle from a country, the Czech Republic, that has a long history of being in the middle of continental conflict. The little things like the Mauser style action, rubber sleeved magazines, provision for a barrel band, tactically sound muzzlebrake, just seemed to resonate with us.

Our CZ750S1M1 was picked up third party, but in like new condition about a decade ago now. The only thing we don’t have with it is the barrel (mirage) band, and we may pick one up at some point. Because we liked the little things and the history of CZ, we kept the rifle after our testing was complete and while the CZ750s are still available new from CZ, they are uncommon and a bit difficult to find. To complete the rifle package, we thought it would be great to pair the rifle with an optic that is from the same part of Europe so we chose a Valdada IOR 10x56mm. The IOR scopes are made in Romania and the fixed 10x of this scope made it an even better package. Together the rifle and scope make a very capable and plausible Sniper Weapon System that you might find in Eastern Europe.

The rifle package itself is not necessarily a collectible rifle (yet), but not all of the rifles in our collection need to be. They need to have meaning, history and significance, or which this SWS package does. We really like it and are proud to have it in our collection.

Estimated Value: $2800 (Complete SWS Package)


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