I am proud to announce the availability of my first novel. This book has been in the works for about three years and is now available in both printed form as well as any of the standard eBook formats. The story is based in the current/near future and involves a man and his struggle to save his wife from a radical extremist group that is working far closer to the USA than anyone wants to admit. Of course, since this is a Sniper Central novel, written by the guy who founded, created, and still runs Sniper Central, it is going to have a sniper theme. The protagonist is a former peacetime sniper, from decades before, who now must dig up and use those old skills in a life or death struggle against an enemy that his government doesn’t want to admit exists.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a great writer, but I feel it is a good story and a fun read. More importantly, the work is original and mine, there are no ghost writers here. I worked with an editor to help trim things up and provide suggestions for cleaning up the story and of course help with fixing my grammar! You should have seen it when it was laden with tons of technical facts and calculations! (Maybe I should do a “directors cut”) I am grateful for that help and am happy with the end product as it is much easier to read and flows much smoother. Depending on how well this first one is received will determine how fast additional books in the series are released. Success helps propel motivation!

Print and Kindle copies are available from Amazon. We have electronic versions available from all of the other major sources like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and others. I would appreciate reviews, feedback and comments, even if they are not great. I can only improve if I know what people do and do not like. If you would like to purchase a copy, follow the links below.

Melvin Ewing
Sniper Central




Wow !!!
A “Sniper/Novelist” who would’ve thunk such a thing was possible !!!
I will check it out! I’m reading about 1 “sniper” book a week these days … so this one is added to the list …

David Bisciotti

Bought it and read it – it is a fast read that peppered with nice little tidbits of “sniper knowledge” that make reading engaging . Besides being a great “airplane read”, I bought a copy to support Mel who I owe my start to long range shooting. Nice job MEl!


Heh… that was said more in jest. It was very technical and got dry. Most readers tuned out during those parts. I might do some short stories “as training” type of writings. Would be similar and fully engulfed in the technical details. But intended for technical audiences only



Congrats anf good luck. Always welcome a book written by somebody ‘in the know’. Best regards.-


Read it in a couple days on my phone, and was relieved to enjoy that which is correct, not made up stuff, regarding details, etc.
Good book!!


The book is very good and an enjoyable read, and more installments would be great. It clearly shows that an editor worked on the book with only a few instances where a sentence went astray (wrong word or never completed). Also, there are a few references to the FBI and Langley (chapters 5 and 6) that I think should have referenced the Operational Technology Division in Quantico, Virginia? Obviously, the book was outstanding from a technical perspective, which is nice for a change and makes the book more enjoyable.

Scott Bechtel

I enjoyed it thoroughly! My wife let me borrow her kindle so I had the electronic version that helped define the occasional term we civilians need help with. Excellent story and detail. Believable operations and set in a current time line that made it difficult to put down. Finished it in a couple days. I highly recommend it to all your friends here. 5 stars!

Christa Johnson

Mel, Harold and I enjoyed your book very much, look forward to the next installment.! Aunt Christa


Great read Mel, now when is volume 2 coming out? This was a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of other books out there.


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