We had a lot of participation with our last poll, which has now been closed. I thought it might be fun to talk about the results and analyze them a bit. Here was the final tally.

Which Semi-Auto Sniper System (SASS) platform do you prefer?
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We wanted to get the opinion of our viewers as to which Semi-Auto Sniper System was preferred. As you can see above, there is a lot of love for the M-14 style rifles as it took the top spot. We like the way this polling system works because it allows users to add their own answers instead of being forced to pick one of our predetermined answers. I think this gives a more accurate accounting of what people really think and there were some interesting answers given. Lets look at a few interesting points

While caliber was not specified or required for answers, we were surprised, and pleased, to see that someone added the Mk12 SPR even though it is a 5.56 rifle and not a true sniper rifle. It even got a decent amount of votes. The SPR has a fanatical following, and for good reason (I admit its about the only AR I really love).

Did the M-14/M1A really come away the winner? With a poll like this, a downside is that there are a lot of very specific models given. If you take all of the AR10 style platforms that were given and add them together, you actually get well over 200 votes, which beats the M-21 easily. But there are just a lot of different AR-10 style rifles listed (M110, SR-25, Aero M5, DPMS LR-308, etc etc)

A big thumbs up to whoever went classic and added the SVT-40, and to the 12 people who voted for it! Certainly would not make my own top 20 list, but heck, I like the classics!

If any of you have any other thoughts, feel free to comment below!

Mel from Sniper Central

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