Sniper is the original full length feature film that actually bares the term sniper in its title and is all about a sniper. Unfortunately Hollywood really blew the technical side of sniping in its effort to provide better entertainment. There is not enough room on this page to write all the things they got wrong in the movie, well, it is a web page so there probably is enough room, but I do not want to spend the time. I will give the movie props in doing the one thing all movies are supposed to do, entertain. If you go into the movie knowing the missed a lot of things and make an effort not to criticize everything about the sniping art, then it’ll probably be entertaining to you. Just seeing an M40 and PSG-1 are worth some value! There have been numerous straight to DVD sequels to the Sniper movie which tells you that it is somewhat of a cult classic. I have not watched any of the sequels.

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