We have two exciting announcements to make about our Entry Level Tactical Rifle Packages. First, we have added a new accuracy guarantee for our rifles, and second, we have two new cost saving options to lower the prices even more!

Accuracy Guarantee

We have often been asked to provide some sort of Accuracy Guarantee on our rifle packages but we were always reluctant due to us using Remington factory barreled actions for our base rifles. But as it turned out, we would replace/fix any rifle that didn’t shoot good anyway. We figured if we were doing that, we might as well make it official. Plus, we have done enough of these packages now that we are confident in what the rifles can do, even with the Remington barrels. Of course, when one of the Benchmark 5R barrels is selected, we have control over the build so it is much easier to guarantee accuracy. Of course, these guarantee’s are tricky due to marksmanship capability of the shooter, what ammo they are using, how they are supporting the rifle, etc. So we’ll use the industry standard of requiring match grade ammo, three round groups, at 100 yards. Of course, the shooters ability needs to be taken into account, but you can figure that out on your own. Be aware, that lots of the time the rifles will beat the guarantee as well. With that all being said, here are our new Accuracy standards and guarantee for our rifles.

  • .75 MOA – Remington & Howa factory barreled actions
  • .5 MOA – Benchmark 5R custom heavy barrels on Remington & Tikka Packages

Lower Cost Options

We have always believed that getting into the joy and thrill of long range shooting should be accessible to everyone. This was one of the driving factors behind doing these basic Long Range Rifle packages. They were also intended to help smaller Law Enforcement agencies that could not afford a high end custom built tactical rifle to be able to get a semi-custom and capable rifle system that would fit their more modest budgets. Unfortunately over time prices tend to go up due to inflation and production costs going up so our prices have also had to go higher as the components became more expensive. We wanted to search out and see if there was a way we would save a little bit of money with different options and pass those savings on to the buyer. We were able to find a couple new options that could do it.

The two options we found were the Magpul Hunter stock (Saves $30) and the Sightron S1H-Tac 3-9x40mm scope ( Saves $70) that when combined would save $100 off of the base price of the rifle! The Magpul stock has an integral aluminum bedding block which helps keep accuracy high and also their polymer material is rigid enough that the forearm does not flex up to touch the barrel when on a bipod, we made sure of it, so the barrel is free floated. The Magpul is available in Black, Tan and Green and the Magpul DBM is also available for +$75. The picture above is of the FDE/Tan version of the stock.

We evaluated the S1H-Tac scope previously and found it to be usable for what it was and it has a good amount of elevation adjustments and decent glass for the price. It is NOT made in China which is a positive thing for a scope as well. It is just a basic little scope that can get the job done on a budget.

We like the current base package as it is but wanted to make a more affordable package available if desired. To do that, both of these cost saving items are optional and subtracted from the price of the package when they are added. Hopefully this makes these rifles available to more shooters and we would love to hear any additional ideas that shooters have on how we can shave some additional costs from the packages, yet still keep the quality and accuracy up.

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