Perhaps it was not the best kept secret, but Federal Cartridge Company has announced their new Gold Medal Berger line of ammunition. This is essentially their new take on Match ammo using Berger bullets instead of Sierra Match King bullets that are found in their Gold Medal Match ammo. The popularity of the Precision Rifle Series competition matches has spurred Federal to adopt some of the more popular bullets from that series into their new match ammo which of course fits into the sniping realm as well. This new lineup includes the following:

GM223BH73 – 223 Rem. 73-grain Berger BT Target : MSRP $32.95
GM65GDLBH130 – 6.5 Grendel 130-grain Berger Hybrid OTM : MSRP $34.95
GM65CRDBH130 – 6.5 Creedmoor 130-grain Hybrid OTM : MSRP $34.95
GM308BH185 – 308 Win. 185-grain Berger Juggernaut OTM : MSRP $34.95

These high BC bullets are primarily designed for target use but can function well for sniping application as well. Federal indicates these loads use Gold Medal Match primers and Federal brass, but they do not specifically say their match brass. Federal also indicates these loads use special formulated powder and the ammo is loaded to “Federal Premium’s tightest specifications.”

We will be sure to include them in upcoming 308 and 6.5 CM ammo testing.




You should also check IMI Systems Match 175 grain 7.62×51 mm sniper ammo. With the M24 SWS, it groups less then 12 cm in range of 800 meters (about 0.5 MOA).


Federal uses different brass for their match vs other ammo?

The more you know…


Isn’t the 308 185gr Berger Juggernaut too heavy to stabilize in a 1:12 twist barrel?
This new Federal GM308BH185 seems like a miss-match with so many regular guys out there shooting 308 rifles with 1:12 twist barrels.


i just got off the phone with an engineer at federal. according to him, federal makes match and gold medal match. the match is used in the loads labeled M1A OTM. HE also told me they won’t publicise load specs because they use several powders in the gmm loads. they only go by pressure and velocity, and accuracy specs. the 762×51 gmm only has to shoot 1 1/2″ at 200 yds. i thought specs would be tighter


So it sounds like the “match” ammo is for military rifles and appears to be 7.62x51mm loads. That makes sense. OTM = Open Tip Match (referring to the bullet). I can see where the 7.62 match ammo would not be loaded to as tight of tolerances as the 308 GMM.


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