In both the USMC and the US Army, the actual snipers are only enlisted personnel, officers cannot be operational snipers. While that is the case, there is still a need for officers to lead the sniper units and those officers have to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of snipers. As such, they receive specialized training to teach them what they need to know to perform this job. There are specialized Sniper Employment Officer’s courses for just this purpose and in the USMC this is a three week long course called the Scout Sniper Unit Leaders Course.

While these courses are not a full fledged sniper school, they are none-the-less very difficult and demanding and they incorporate familiarization training in many of the required tasks for snipers. Such as stalks, shooting, target detection, range estimation, etc. Of course, the school obviously focuses on the employment and utilization of snipers and it culminates with a FTX where the candidates conduct a sniper control center.

The Marine Corps Time is reporting that for the first time ever a female officer has passed this course. In 2018 this same individual was only the second female to pass the very difficult and demanding Infantry Officers Course and she was slated as a ground intelligence officer which may put her in line to be a STA platoon commander. Hence the necessity of her passing the Scout Sniper Unit Leaders Course. We do not have her name, but we would like to congratulate her on this accomplishment.

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From my personal experience a woman to lead men in that role has to be better then your averge officer man otherwise she will not be able to lead them .


Semper fi to that marine officer please lead a platoon or be an xo of a company back in the day, the STA (surveillance, target, and acquisition) platoon was led by a staff sergeant and reported to the battalion S2 officer, normally an individual who previously led a platoon . If she has the talent to pass the IOC, then let her lead congrats and good luck no better job in the world


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