We have been busy working on our Sniper Talk series of YouTube videos and have posted the next five. We actually recorded six of them and had a great video all about mounting your optics, unfortunately the lighting was messed up and we did not discover it until we were editing the video. The lighting was driving us crazy watching it so we decided to redo Episode 7 with our next round of filming, so do not be alarmed that there is not an episode seven below. If you would like to view all of our videos you can either head to our YouTube Channel (and feel free to subscribe) or you can hit our Sniper Talk page here at Sniper Central. We are already scheduling our next round of filming so if you have any ideas of what you would like to see, let us know. We will begin to incorporate some live fire and other outside footage like the bit in the winter camouflage episode below. We hope you enjoy the videos!

Episode Five – SIG Optics Tango-6 Review

Episode Six – Sightron SIII 10x42mm Review

Episode Eight – Bryon Discusses the Sniper’s DOPE Book

Episode Nine – Unpacking Your SC Custom Rifle Package

Episode Ten – Camouflaging Tips for Winter Environments

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