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    Hey Yall, I am wondering what everyones favorite caliber for all around long range shooting and sniping.



    Hard choice for me. I still shoot 308 the most due to availability and its still the most popular. I really like 6.5 CM, .30-06, 300WM, 260 Rem, and probably a few others. Its like asking me to pick my favorite child! 🙂




    I use a lot of .308. Long barrel life, easy to load, relatievely inexpensive reloads to duplicate issued ammunition; low recoil and VERY accurate once you find what your rifle likes. Good to 1000 yards and maybe just a bit beyond, with the right bullet combination.



    I’ve “gone back” to the military calibers:
    01 – I have a day job
    02 – I also have a ranch and am trying to start a cattle business on the side
    03 – Shooting is my passion and I shoot every day (unless I have to travel). TIME is my #1 constraint and factory ammo gets the job done for me, but with like 6.5G, breadth and dept of the ammo supply is weak and I have discontinued that caliber. I might try another 6.5 cartridge one day if the military adopts one. And I mean beyond SOCOM, it seems like they adopt just about everything 🙂
    So 5.56, 7.62×51 and x67, .50BMG
    I am shooting these rounds out to about 10% beyond when they go transonic, observing that they are still accurate enough out to those distances.
    77gr 5.56 (750)
    175 7.62 (900)
    190 7.62 (1400)
    With .50BMG I have not gone beyond 500yds yet, but the transonic + 10% point is around 2,000 yards. Our local ELR match targets are between 1,200 and 2,400.
    I sort of consider each caliber to be the “training caliber” for the next one up. Except .50BMG, for me, that one still feels like a different beast. But I will say, so far it seems like a GREAT caliber for “recoil management training” 😀
    I shoot off the sides of hills and for both of my primary firing positions (500yds and 750yds) the hill is lower on the left side than on the right. And regardless, the .50BMG wants to “jump” down the hill when fired. 🙂 The position has to be rebuilt 100% from scratch for each shoot, including standing up and moving the rifle back onto target etc. So dealing with that issue for now. Oh and this is a Barrett M-99 and I took the muzzle break off and put a suppressor on it. I never fired it with the MB on there. I am thinking of putting the MB back on and seeing if it makes any significant difference. There are “hints” that it might. But I need to try it and see. I wear ear pro with the .50BMG anyway.



    Mine is the .308. It’s easy to find, affordable, and not to hard on the body for long shooting sessions. There are other calibers that out perform it, but there is give and take with any caliber.



    Anybody got any experience with the Barrett .416 round? Have one I haven’t had a chance to shoot yet but on paper, looks like a heckuva long-range flyer.



    I replied in the other forum as well. Beyond the limited number of ammo and rifle choices, it is a good flying cartridge. Do be aware it is a big boomer.

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