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    Responding to Mel’s recent article on “Is Field Craft Dead” …

    When I came out to rural area six years ago, I had never heard of “field craft” … but I formulated my practicing goals as “Learning to see, move and shoot in the land around me”.

    Over time, I’ve been criticized for saying things like “I couldn’t see my targets due to shadows or glare” or … I couldn’t see over the tops of the weeds” … or “it was real muddy at the firing point” … or “I walked 1.3 miles along the creek before I setup to shoot from in the woods” …
    People have suggested that I lay a concrete slab and mow the grass between the concrete slab and the targets and not put the targets in the trees, etc. etc.
    Over time I realized I was prioritizing seeing and moving over marksmanship !
    And that was why I was resisting all this sage advice.
    I realized there are some people who just want to target shoot and get real good and that and that’s all they want to do.
    That is not me, that is not aligned with my priorities.
    Then later, I heard the noise “field craft” … I’m not 100% sure what it means? But know I spend more time stalking and never firing a shot, that I do aiming and pulling the trigger … 100s of hours more.
    Perhaps vaguely my goal is 1/3 seeing (observation) … 1/3 moving (moving and setting up in ways that are difficult to detect) … and 1/3 shooting.
    But it took me several years to figure all this out. I thought there was something wrong with me at first … now I don’t 🙂

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