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    10 MPH WNW

    Goal: DotNGroups at 100yds

    Environment: Cool, windy from 210 degrees off the bullet path. Sunny.

    Equipment: REM700 sps tac aac-sd in bravo stock with L&S mk4 6.5-20x TMR. FGMM 7.62 175gr.

    Activity: This is the oldest scope I own, got it back in April 2013 !! But it can still get the job done. I will be dialing with this scope and I don’t think I’ve dialed in over a year, so it is time to get back into practice !!

    Set up target paper with 20 dots. Right now “dotsNgroups” is 2-3-3-3-3-3-3 … though today I had some spare rounds so I was able to fire 3 more groups 3-3-3.

    I ran the new atlas bipod on low with the tab gear bag sideways and that barely worked.

    After each shot I close my eyes and count to 30. Just trying to keep some consistent spacing between the shots and make sure I don’t rush things.

    I load the mags one mag for each group, so only 3 rds per mag (and one with 2 rds). I load without getting out of position – with my trigger hand. That leaves my support hand in position with the rear bag.

    I had to throw my jacket over my head due to the sun in my eyes, but that worked.

    group sizes I measure in 16ths of an inch.


    Then record in spreadsheet and calculate avg group size which was 0.58 for today. There might have been a hint of a shadow at 1330, so I think I will try to bump up the cheek rest a tiny amount. I think avg group size of 0.50 might be possible for this year.



    Averaging .5 would be an excellent accomplishment



    Ok, moved all the scopes around … from top to bottom

    .300WM(24) now with L&S 6.5-20x TMR … even with T3 reticle I have to dial after about 1,000yds (depending on the gun/ammo), so setting this one up on the .300WM(24) and will try to get to 1,050yds on my land with A191 ammo (190gr). Weight as shown 16 lbs 9 oz … that G5 stock is pretty heavy. I only have 3 x 30 cal suppressors, so will have to move the suppressor around today.

    7.62(22) has the NF 7-35x T3 … and will be shooting the 155gr TMK Colt/Doubletap load. I’m still working on acquiring the next 155gr ammo to test, but this rifle will be the rest rifle for the 155gr, since it has the longest barrel. Weight as shown is 16 lbs 2 oz

    7.62(20) has the L&S mk6 3-18x T3 and will be shooting the FGMM 175gr. Weight as shown is 14 lbs 15 oz

    6.5G(18) has the xtr2 3-15x scr-mil and will be shooting the FGMM 130gr Bergers. Weight as shown is 12 lbs 4 oz. Interesting that the stoner is the lightest 🙂 Even with the “rails on rails”.

    Hope to zero/reconfirm zero with all these today and will be magneto speeding the 190s in the .300WM and the 130gr in the 6.5G

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    Reconfirming zero / DOPE for the carbines.

    This is 5.56(10.3) with Trij RMR (2 moa) on 3/4 high mount. Also has Steiner CQBL ir-laser and iron sights.

    Today I was shooting 2 rd groups from 100yds, 200yds and 300yds while seated on the 4-wheeler. The sustained winds were 15-20 mph gusting to 25 mph … the wind was moving ME around quite a bit. I tried to wait for the lull’s but inevitably a quarter second lull would be followed instantly by at 25 MPH gust. I tried waiting for a few seconds of steady wind … but by the time I decided the wind was steady … boom another gust …

    At 100yds I was aiming for face on the left target. The first rd was a good hit on the left side of the face. The wind bucked me and the second shot was a little low, a miss, as even though it hit the steel, it was not on the face, so counts as a miss. The third shot again hit the face. The wind was 240 degrees off the bullet path.

    Then rolled to 200yds. Aimed at the center of the torso on the right side target … and got two hits. Both are centered with respect to wind. I was not holding for wind. But elevation wise, quite a bit of variance. I should be 6 inches low at this distance. But I did not hold for elevation. So the low hit, seems about right, the high hit is high.

    Then rolled to 300yds. Here, I decided to hold for wind. And knowing I should be about 20 inches low, my aiming point was the left edge of the face.
    The hits were 15-18 inches below the aiming point.

    Well, I don’t expect these carbines to be precision systems, when shooting off the 4-wheeler in such wind. So these results are acceptable. Next need to check the zero of the laser and then test that in the field.

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