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    Pretty Hi-Tech Kit! What does it weigh in at?



    The HPR102 by itself currently weighs in at 11.3 oz

    Now the earlier model, the HPR100 was about 6 oz, I don’t recall exactly.

    It uses only one battery, the HPR102 uses 2 batteries (C123). But after we built the HPR102, we discovered an error in our board configuration which was drawing 4x more power than we needed. Now we are going back to the HPR100 housing and putting in all the improvements from the HPR102 (mostly improved display, cosine, waterproofing and shock resistance). So we should wind up with an HPR103 (the first production model) which will weigh in at an estimated 8 oz. And be about 25% the volume of the HPR102.

    FYI all weights are “field” weights, i.e. including batteries and mounts. Total weight.

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    Was out in the snow just now on overwatch. Snow on the ground and snow coming down. Temp 20F, about a 5 MPH wind from the NE. I had tied a sock around the joint between the UTC and the day scope to cover those lenses. Snow was hitting the front of the UTC and causes splotches. Really had to turn up the gain (contrast) on the UTC, three clicks to an 8 (the start up neutral setting is a 5. This is the first time I’ve had to go to 8. but all the terrain was completely washed out. That makes the image grainy, but without doing that, you cannot see the terrain in the snow. I was able to range the mineral feeder at 418yds and I could just barely see it and had to aim at where I thought it was and the nuc and then I could barely see it. I only saw one hot spot. I ranged it and got 188yds. It was one of our cows, bedded down in the alfalfa patch. I saw it and ranged it through about 100yds of woods in the snow. Now I wouldn’t call that a PID, more of a PrID (Probable ID). But it was a hot spot, and nothing else out there was a hot spot, so very high chance it was something alive. And it was not moving and it was the correct distance to be in the SE corner of the alfalfa patch which we can barely see thru the trees in the day time from where I was.
    And I had to nuc twice thru every 360, to maintain image. Several firsts tonight. Good to practice in such conditions.



    Here’s a pic of the sock. It worked well ! And it is long enough I could tie a double knot to keep it on in rougher going.



    05 MPH E

    Goal: Coop overwatch

    Environment: Clear, new moon, stars.

    Equipment: 7.62(22) NF 7-35x T3 UTCx Radius, 2 x 5 rds mags FGMM 175gr, RRS Tripod

    Activity: Setup in the central spot, start 360s. Cattle to NNW in alfalfa patch. West pasture clear, SE pasture clear. Apple orchard clear. After 10 or so 360s, caught a brief glimpse of a yote on ridge at 164yds, but he was accelerating towards something and went out of sight and then I heard a critter make some noise, sort of like a sheep bleeting in a movie. So maybe he got something, but I didn’t.

    More 360s … saw some dark spots in the woods. Had to line of the elevation of the far side of the alfalfa patch, the spots were well higher than that. So they were’t a critter on the ground. Focused the UTCx. Since I am 30 feet above the creek, I was -1 on pitch, so I was above the spots. Watching the critter move it was either a opossum or a coon, I bet on a coon due to size, though I have seen some LARGE opossum. But on average coons are larger at least around here.
    Since he was behind a branch, the “spots” were one critter, but he was moving so I could tell it was one critter.
    Took 3 shots to knock him out of the tree. I was aiming at the branch hoping to generate shrapnel.

    He was a pretty big one and he got pretty tore up. First coon of the banzai season.



    05 MPH SSE

    Goal: Pasture Patrol

    Environment: Breeze was almost nil at the start, but picked up a little towards the end. Sky was clear and the start, but clouded over towards the end. The moon was up and was about 60% complete, but fuzzed over by the end.

    Equipment: 7.62(22) NF 7-35x T3 UTCx Radius 2 mags of 9 rds each 2 mags of 5 rds each. 5.56(10.3) Mk3 60mm Radius 2 mags of 20 rds each. RRS Tripod, Primos 1 leg stick. Pack with water bladder, protein bars first aid and Fox Pro Hell Fire.

    Activity: I can carry all that in one load, but I wasn’t sure I could make it up the hill. It’s about a 75 foot rise in about a 100yd stretch and even with two trips I was suckin’ … set everything up in an area at the base of the hill and then made two runs up.
    Did a few 360s with the mk3 60mm on the stick. Then setup the bolt gun on the rrs and did a few 360s. Saw a deer down by the main pond at 354yds 54 degrees. A buck with a rack. Deployed the hellfire 50yds between me and the pond the center of the pond was 311 yds from the tripod. There is one tree on the top of this hill, and we call the hill “one tree hill” .. but also, since there is a cell signal up there, we call it “signal hill”. Also saw 2 deer at 834 yds at 208 degrees.

    I figured I’d made enough noise setting up that I’d run off any yotes nearby, so I decided to sit down, hydrate and eat a half a protein bar. I found some protein bars I don’t like, which is good, because then I won’t eat too many of them 🙂 . Then took a brief half a nap where I’m sort of sleeping but still half a wake. But it is restful. Then grabbed the carbine with the mk3 and did some more 360s with the stick. I could could see my cattle at 550yds in the alfalfa patch. I could see our wind mill which is 60feet in the air. I was over it. I could see a bunch of cows at around 1800yds … the guy running those still hasn’t pulled them out to the sale barn yet. I bet they’re going backwards. Could also see some more cows at around 3,000yds. And the deer to the South at 800yds were still there, they were bedded down. But nothing in my valley, nothing around the pond. So I shut off the mk3 and went over to the bolt gun and powered up the utc. By switching back and forth I was conserving the batteries. Which jump back up to full after a 15 minute rest. Did another 360 then took out the hellfire remote and fired up my P2 which says something like Red Bel Woodpecker. Anyway, I let it wail for 2 mins, then turned it off and waited two mins then turned on the group of yotes howling and let that run for two mins. Oh my, the whole dang area lite up with real yotes howling too … I turned mine off and they kept howling … several to the West … some to the South and at least one to the East. I was doing 360s trying to spot them. I saw one critter slinkin’ thru some high grass on the same azimuth as the deer at 830yds, but this critters was at 388 and eventually I decided it was a deer, but I kept doing rapid 360s so nothing would run in on me and I’d miss it. I saw two critters at 517/21 at 339 degrees, but they were deer also. Then another 360 and I saw a head looking at me at 8 degrees 168 yds. Then it moved to the West and went behind a rise in the ground and I thought I was gonna loose it, but now I knew it was a yote since I got a broadside view when it moved. Then it reappeared and all I could see was the head looking at me. My hold at 168yd is nil so I aimed between the eyes and fired and it went down. I powered down the UTC and grabbed the 5.56 and powered up the Mk3 and headed out to find it. I walked down the azimuth and found it, it was done. Then I hiked back home and got the 4-wheeler came out took pics, then loaded the yote (female) took to the bone pile, came back loaded my gear and headed home.

    Results/Summary: So, the last several nights I’ve heard several yotes in that pasture, but hadn’t seen any in the pastures I can see from my usual overwatch position, so I thought I’d go back there and see if I could get one. I did, but tonight I heard plenty of yotes right around the area I normally setup. I guess most of them are smart enough to go where I’m not 🙂
    As to the yote stalking me … even though I had put out some fake sounds, I think the real yotes doing all their hollering had reinforced the idea that whatever was up on the hill might be real. The call had been off for 5 mins before I saw the yote, but the tiny amount of noise I was making with my 360s must have been interesting enough to cause her to keep stalking, though she was “hull down”.



    5 MPH W

    Goal: Making salad for dinner.

    Environment: Sun setting but still able to see out thru kitchen window.

    Equipment: .22LR(16), eley subsonic HP.

    This is the .22lr(16) though these days the sling and bipod are redeployed. That is a Chronos BTR scope. A crappy $300 scope, but it works well for what I use it for: Dots and tree rats. It is double zeroed at 25/71 yds with a 1.1 inch rise at 50 yds.

    Activity: My kitchen window opens out into the backyard that slopes down about 35yds to the creek. Occasionally I see tree rats in the tree back there and sometimes I can get them.

    Saw tree rat in tree right along creek bank. Turned off all lights and noises in kitchen grabbed .22lr … unlatched window … turned crank to open window … slowly enough to minimize noise and quickly enough to try to get it done before the tree rat moved away. Window open sufficiently. Place support arm on cabinet, place .22LR across support arm … l22lr scope is set to 6x which is a lot of magnification … but for this task it works … aimed dead center at tree rat and squeezed trigger until round went off. Tree rat began fall from tree, but left foot hung up in tree and tree rat suspended for a few seconds, but not moving (which is good). Then tree rat falls to ground. I was in the middle of making salad for dinner and wanted to continue that, but wanted to see if I could find tree rat along the bank. Cranked up to 12x and aligned a spot on the ground with the spot on the branch the tree rat fell from . There are about 5 yards of dead weed stalks and some sapplings along this side of the creek bank. I don’t mow right up to the bank because I need mother nature to help control erosion and she does that well, if I let her grow plants along the banks, so I do. Right below the spot where the tree rat fell from is the sun dial, which has probably been there 25 yrs. So that was my landmark so sweep up and down the bank from there with the scope. Then I moved laterally to give a different angle. Continued to move back and forth laterally to gain different angles but no joy. The tree rat probably fell down into the creek.

    The tree rats have been munching on our deck and they come in the garage and try to get into the chicken food. If they weren’t trying to mess with our stuff I would not be trying to mess with their stuff.

    After first course, headed out to hunt for tree rat. Navigated to the sun dial and thence to the bank (which is almost straight down about 10 feet here. Tree rat visible in the creek bed.

    It was almost dark, so had my petzl red/white low power headlight on and flipped to white and that was enough to light up the tree rat for the pic.

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