Welcome to another edition of the friday update at Sniper Central!

As you probably have noticed, we finished up our review of the Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42mm Compact. Its a nice scope package.

Next up will be the next edition of the Sniper Central Letter which should show up in your inbox next week.

Work also continues on the next scope review which will be a lower cost scope.

Things are progressing on the Sniper Central HQ, our physical location to be opened in August of this year. Its a slow process, but it still progresses. Building up inventory, figuring out displays and more importantly, how to make it a destination spot for people to come and chat and enjoy a good time looking at all things sniping.

We also have some exciting news in regards to additional classes and other training that will be available, but we’ll wait until we make the official announcement in the next week or two. But I can tell you there will be another 4 basic classes taught this year. They will be held in Polson Montana up near Flathead lake. Stay tuned for more information.

We did add some Fiocci and Sellier & Bellot 308 ammo to inventory for those of you that like their stuff. We are continuing to try and bring in all types of long range ammo in all types of calibers for everyone. Next I want to get Blackhills and Corbon in here.

Our Ammo List

Well that is probably enough updates for today…. now to the Random Rifle Picture! This time around it is a picture of a Bravo-51, suppressor attached, pictured with a Lieca spotting scope. The Lieca doesn’t look too tactical, but it sure has awesome glass. The Bravo, yeah, its all business and very effective!


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