Welcome everyone to what should have been the Tax Day Edition of the Sniper Central Friday Update, but is not because Tax Day was pushed to the 18th this year for some odd reason. But we are not here to make everyone depressed by talking about taxes, we are here to talk about sniping!

Well, as I am sure everyone has noticed, we continue to roll out the reviews and special content only found on Sniper Central and today was intended to be the release of a new Tactical Operations Tango-51 review, but unfortunately, I missed the deadline due to a whole host of additional things that were getting done for SC. The Tango review is nearly complete with all the shooting and photos done, but with just a bit of writing and final edit to go. It will be published the middle of next week, so be watching for that.

Before we get into what is coming up for Sniper Central, lets hit some of the highlights from the last few weeks just in case any of your missed them. We published a review of a Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25x56mm tactical scope, published a bit of info on body armor versus caliber (Still a ongoing work in progress), published a review on the Timney 2-Stage Remington triggers, added a member content page about selecting a FFP, published a new edition of the Sniper Central Letter, we added several new items to the Sniper Central Store (including Atlas Bipos, RAUG Swiss-P Ammo, Tactical Concealment jute and ghillie kits, etc), added a new book review, and several other things I’m sure I’m missing. Feel free to check out all of those items if you missed them.

So what is coming up soon? We are putting the final touches on our Sniper FTX fieldcraft and shooting class and are actually getting ready to run a pilot course to iron out the details next week. This is going to be a fun class and involve teaching some of those valuable skills that are critical for working in the field. We picked up a couple of GP Medium tents this week that will be used for sleeping quarters and the HQ for the class.

After the Tango-51 review next week, we have a slate of reviews coming down the pipe. Our optics reviews coming include a Leupold Mk AR 6-18x40mm, Lucid Optics, SIG Optics Tango, and some others. For rifles, we have the Tango, Mossberg MVP LR, Snowy Mountain Rifle 300WM, and others. We also have an update to the M21 page and M1D coming. For our popular ammo comparison tests we have 308 168gr Round 3, 175gr Round 2, and a special one coming (keeping it secret right now). We are also working on some more historical articles as well. We try to release one review or page update a week, so stay tuned!

We haven’t talked about our HQ location much lately, but it is open and accepting visitors so if you are passing through Montana this summer, be sure to stop by and say hi. We have lots of rifles on display for sale and other goodies and would love to just talk sniping and shooting.

Well, that should probably about cover it for this Friday Update… so lets get to to the infamous Random Rifle Picture. This time around it is an old picture of a Harris Gunworks M-86. There are not a lot of pictures of these rifles around, but its a cool rifle with an interesting background. These rifles were used by the Navy SEALs back in the 1990s and the SEAL version was chambered in 300 Win Mag. They used specially designed ammunition with a Lapua 185gr D46 bullet. This was the original version of the A191 before the 190gr Sierra Matchking bullet was selected as the permanent replacement for that lapua bullet. There is lots of history behind the rifle, including a falling out between Harris Gunworks and McMillan and the eventual demise of the Harris Gunworks company.


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