Happy Friday to everyone! Congratulations on making it through another week.

So what has been happening around Sniper Central… well, I suppose we’ll start with the status of the Sniper Central HQ in Victor Montana. Everything is proceeding on schedule for a September opening. The meeting went well with the ATF and hopefully the new FFL for this location will be forthcoming soon. We have moved in some display counters and we have our nice slat boards on their way to mount on the walls. We’ll have the actual SC sign made starting next month so we can have that hung. We are excited, and it’ll be great to have a public facing location where visitors can come and hang out.

The Burris XTR II review is just about done and it will be published next week, so be looking for that. Next up after the XTR will be a Proof Research rifle review and a quick Nightforce direct mount review. Then we have a good number of additional items to review stacked up behind those.

We are getting ready to do the 308 175gr Match Ammo comparison as well. This takes a full day just to do the shooting, so we are looking for a good day to do it. We are deciding on which rifles to use as well, we are wanting one of them to be a Semi-Auto, but we are trying to figure how cleanings will work between ammo changes. We’ll come up with something.

We also will have a new Sniper book review coming within the week as well. This one was a novel that many may not have heard of.

On the more mundane side of things, we fixed a few bugs with our shopping cart where some people were having problems placing orders. If you see any problems, let us know.

Also, some 300 Win Mag ammo finally showed up. Right now we only have the 185gr D46, but we should be getting some of the others soon.

Class #2 for the year is starting on Monday up in Polson and we are looking forward to teaching another one. This will be the first one at the new Polson location and it should work out really well. It doesn’t hurt that it is located right near Flathead lake! Beautiful spot.

Finally, today’s Random Rifle Picture is of an Accuracy International AT. This is the replacement rifle for the older AI AE that was tailored toward the Law Enforcement community. The AT has the newer chassis system and other upgrades that Accuracy International did. This rifle came through our class from a few weeks ago and it performed excellent! Well, of course, the owner/shooter performed exceptionally well also. Good looking rifle with solid performance! We do need to get one here to conduct a full review.




It was a nice surprise to see my rifle here! Great class as always and I’m so glad I did the Basic class for a 2nd time to greatly enhance my shooting knowledge/ability. There were so many things the 2nd time around I did not even have to think about, it was really something. Thank you so much for Sniper Central!


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