Welcome once again to another Sniper Central Friday Update! Its always nice to have you on board…

We’ll start with an update on what reviews are coming up. It is looking like the Proof Research full rifle review will be posted next week. We are just wrapping up the finishing touches on it now. The Nightforce direct mount review (its a shorter review) will be about a week behind that and then the Armasight night vision review will be up after that. We want to get a Ruger Long Range and a few other reviews going quickly as well, but we still are devoting a lot of time to getting the Sniper Central HQ up and going.

Speaking of the Sniper Central HQ, the shop is pretty much ready to go…except for the security gates… still. They were suppose to be installed on Monday, but the company ordered the wrong parts and we are again waiting. Talk about painful! That is the last thing left. But we do have an alarm system installed and security camera’s, so we’ll start to get things setup. We are proud and happy with what we have and hope to see all of you stop by if your passing through town! The doors are open now, just not all the items being displayed quiet yet.

Speaking of items being displayed. As you know, we are all about sniping and everything sniping related. So we just want to have all the sniping related gear available for everyone. That is a big reason why the Sniper Central HQ is being setup. As we bring in items to be displayed there, we are offering them online as well. That is a part of the setup of the HQ is to get all the items online and in the physical HQ location together. So we have been adding rifles and optics and other stuff to the online shop. You can see some of the rifle selection here:

Sniper Central Firearms

More are being added daily and it will continue to grow as we grow the HQ. Optics will be added online after the rifles are finished. We’ll also be offering some of the used rifles that we use for our reviews for sale here as well.

As we have mentioned before, the HQ is not a “gun shop”, but its a sniper hangout. We encourage people to just come and relax and look and enjoy the same passion we have.

We wrapped up our last training class last week and are now diligently working on getting stuff ready for the 2016 training season. We’ll be posting our 2016 schedule in just a few weeks and will be adding two more classes beyond the Precision Long Range Marksman Basic and Advance classes. One will be what we call a FTX class that involves survival and field-craft while fine tuning your long range marksmanship. We’ll also be offering an armorers course (AR platform) and an optional pistol course that can be added on to the end of the LRPM Basic class. Lots of exciting things happening on the the training side…

Man, I have so many things on the cool “up and coming” list, but I don’t want to mention them until we get the HQ up and going so we can focus on ironing out a schedule for them all. Stay tuned here for more great and exciting sniper related articles, reviews, projects, events, competitions, etc etc etc

For today’s random rifle picture, I thought I would just throw up a photo of the good ol’ classic Remington 700P. This photo was taken while posting the online listing for it this week and it just made me think of the long run this rifle has had. The original 700Ps were made in the Remington custom shop way back in the late 1980’s. They switched them over to the standard production line in the early 1990’s (I believe) where they are still made today. They have been the law enforcement standard for years and years and are still a pretty good bargain today and still used by many agencies and perform well. HS precision stock, 26″ barrel, parkerized finish, etc. Not bad. No, they are not a full blown custom rifle and they have their flaws, but for a factory rifle for about $1000, they do well.


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