Hello fellow snipers and enthusiasts! Welcome to another Friday update where we try and keep everyone up to speed as to what is going on around here.

Unfortunately, I have to start this update off with a “I hate computers” post. As I had mentioned in the last Friday update we did, we were (are?) in the process of upgrading our server. Well, that project has stalled indefinitely. It seems my internet host that hosts and manages the technical side of our web server is not very timely in providing support and working with us on the migration. Because of that, I have no hope of a smooth migration and rather then risk a disaster, I am putting the migration off. We’ll get by with our older server for the time being. If any of you loyal fans out there work for a top notch hosting company that prides itself in their support, let me know.

So, moving beyond that for now. Lets talk sniping things! We had temporarily halted our reviews while we did the migration, so now we can get right back on those! Work has recommenced on the Armasight nightvision scope review and it’ll be coming up pretty quickly. So be watching for it.

After that we have a few more rifles and optics reviews lined up and two more 308 ammo comparisons scheduled for the next couple of months

Christmas is coming and for those of you looking for a rifle package that is ready to go right now, or for a Christmas present, we might have a deal for you. We had a customer who had to cancel a build due to financial constraints. We decided to just finish building it and then sell it when complete… and it is now complete! Its a fairly basic Remington package in 308 with at 26″ barrel, muzzlebrake, redfield scope, etc. You can read all the details on the Remington Package page. Like I said, it is ready to ship to your FFL dealer right now, no wait time.

The 2016 class dates have been proposed to the various ranges and we are in the process of getting approval. We hope to have the classes available for reservation in the next few weeks. We have several of the Long Range Precision Basic and Advance classes scheduled as well as a new Field Trainin eXcercise (FTX) class planned which teaches a bit of field craft combined with the long range marksmanship. More details on that class will be forth coming. We also will be doing a couple of AR-15 armorers classes as well. So lots coming up there.

Before signing off for the week, we do want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving next week. Take a few minutes and remember all of the things you have to be thankful for. Especially take a moment to contemplate those that lost loved ones in Paris. Our hearts here at Sniper Central go out to them.

This weeks random rifle picture is of a Steyr SSG Carbon. Its a new twist on the latest Steyr SSG rifles. We have always liked the SSG-69 and have a SSG-02 here for review. But this one uses a snazzy carbon fiber stock. We like the shape of the stock, though we are not sure it saves much weight. Still a cool rifle.



Sorry, I’m not a man of gun. I have a question: What is the average rang of a regular sniper in combat situation? And does the clone of SVD(mosty the Chinese clone) have the same performance as a genuine Russian SVD? I read some reviews and forums about SVD. In NA, they say that it worse but, in EU, people are quite positive with it.

Mel Ewing

The Chinese clones have not had the same quality as the original Russian versions, but they are not bad either. The SVDs work fine as a designated marksman rifle, but they do not have the high level of accuracy that modern sniper rifles have.


Thanks for the info. I canunderstand the russian concept about sniper rifle, their sniper are the sharpshooter while Nato sniper mean the long range shooter. Gun such as Vintorez is considered a sniper rifle but there’s nothing alike in Nato doctrine. I have another question: M21 series were developed as Sniper Weapon System(SWS), the same name used for M24. It was classed as sniper rifle in Wikipedia around 2013 and before 2013, but whe I checked it again in late 2014, they class it as DMR. So, did USA have the same doctrine as Soviet during and before Vietnam war?


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