Wow, we have a lot to report this time around! Sorry it has been so long since we did our last Friday update, but things have really been hopping around here, which is great!

Well, we’ll start with a report on our classes. We just finished up another great Long Range Precision Marksmanship (Basic) class this week with a wonderful class of students that came prepared and were willing to stretch their capabilities. The class did so well that we even setup a 1500 yard target to challenge the students, and they answered the challenge! The winds up at Polson are very tricky and we are finding out it is a fantastic range to learn complex wind calls. Kudos to the students of all the classes this year!

We also finished up a Long Range Precision Marksman (Advanced) class a few weeks back with moving targets, snap shooting, hold offs and other advance topics. It too was a great class with highly motivated students that were willing to learn and have a great time. It has been a wonderful training season and we have one class left to go (September 21-24). We did just have a student drop out due to a scheduling conflict, so there is one slot open if anyone is interested. We will have pictures from the last few classes ready to post in a week or so.

Another bit of big news for us, Bryon is now on board and has begun working the Sniper Central HQ facility to get it up and ready to open next month. We have the primary showroom and gathering place nearly done and we have tons of cool sniper stuff to put out for people to look at and buy. The idea behind HQ has always been to have a location where people can come hangout and see and discuss all things sniping. Bryon will be heading up both the HQ location and the online web store. Bryon just retired from the USAF last month and is a ADMC (Advanced Designated Marksman Course… USAF Sniper School) graduate and has been doing combat arms for the last 15 years for the USAF. We are honored to have him here and taking over HQ and the online store.

All of this means that once Bryon is up and running full speed, it frees up time for us to get tons of more content on the web page! One of the big things coming up real soon is the 175gr Match Ammo comparison test. All of the shooting for round 1 has been done, the data has been tabulated and now it is just a matter of getting it all posted online. Most of the frame work is complete and the full test/writeup should be done in about 1-2 weeks. Round 2 shooting will happen in about a month. It will probably take 3-4 rounds of shooting (with 6 different loads each round) to get through all of the different ammo we have accumulated for testing. So far the results have been very interesting and exciting.

Of course, the Proof rifles 260 review continues to move forward and we’ll try to wrap that up soon as well.

On the entry level rifle package front, we mentioned a month or so back about the desire to build a version of the package rifles off of a Tikka T3, well, we received enough interested and liked the idea enough that we are working on the prototype now. It should be another month or two before its ready for primetime, but everything appears to be coming together nicely.

That should about cover it for today… but we cannot leave without throwing up a Random Rifle Picture. This is a good ol’ Remington 700P LTR. The LTR is the shorter 20″ barrel version with a wide channel flute from the Remington LE division. The LTR also has a slimmer profile HS Precision stock than the standard 700P with a shorter forearm. These changes also help save some weight. They tend to be accurate shooters and you can see on this one that there is a strap on cheekpiece to raise the shooters head, this is very common on the 700P, LTR, and even M24s.

SC 031



Hello Mel.
Is the 2016 schedule anywhere where I can take a look?
Thank you
Rick James

Brian B

Hello Mel,

Any chance you could post a couple of photos of the progress of Sniper Central HQ? I’d love to see it, but Montana’s a fair drive away, and I probably won’t make it there until next summer for a course or two!



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