Welcome back to another Friday update here at Sniper Central.

I wanted to start off with the list of reviews that we have upcoming soon. The 308 175gr Match Ammo comparison test is all done and ready to go live! I didn’t want it to conflict with our normal Friday update, so I will turn it live on Monday. It includes 7 different factory loads and is only the first round of probably 3 or 4 batches of tests we’ll be doing. So look for it on Monday! The next one right behind it is a full review of a Proof Research carbon barreled 260 rifle. Testing is complete and we are just working on the writeup now. We then have a review on some night vision rifle scopes which will be fun. The equipment reviews are a big part of the core of Sniper Central and we are working to do more of them.

The new Sniper Central HQ facility is getting ever closer to opening. The security system is getting installed now, the phone and internet service is in, we have an appointment to discuss security blinds next week, the main display area is ready for inventory (which we have but are not moving in until security is in place), we are in the process of setting up the visitor area (with books and other stuff to look at and read while visiting). The sign out front should be ready in 1-2 weeks. We will open the doors in mid September, but we’ll still have lots of things to do and it’ll be a work in progress for a while. But at least you can stop by and say hi and look at some cool stuff. The featured image above is a quick photo we took when testing out the rifle hangers for the display area a few weeks ago.

Additional, we were able to procured another former law enforcement sniper rifle for the future museum and are in the process of getting some photos of it on duty with unit patches to setup the display for the rifle (when the time comes). The museum will eventually be located on the 2nd floor of the HQ, but its 1-2 years out as it’ll require some outlay for the buildout. If you have any sniping related items that you would like to make available to the Museum, just let me know. We have an excellent start and would like to keep adding.

We are preparing for our last Long Range Precision Marksman class of 2015 on September 21. We will be working on the 2016 schedule over the next few weeks and plan to have it posted the beginning of October so people can plan for next years travel. We will be adding some new classes as well and there are lots of promising things coming, we are excited.

For this weeks random rifle picture I went with a picture of a Steyr SSG-69 being utilized by a soldier in the Saudi armed forces. The SSG-69 is a very capable rifle that has been around for a long time (since 1969), but it is very light,portable, and accurate. They were typically fielded with a fixed 6x or 10x scopes from Kahles or Hensoldt. The trigger guards and magazines were a weak point and they were prone to failure if abused. But as a whole, the rifles are still capable. Unfortunately the original SSG69 is no longer available here in the USA.


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