We really did not know what to expect with this book and we ended up getting a lot more than we hoped. First we need to mention that the author is a career special forces operator and has seen it all up close and for real, so the context from which it is written is from a true expert in the field. What the title refers to is a phrase used during the Bosnia conflict in the 1990’s where the terrors of unrestricted sniping on military and civilian targets caused mass hysteria, panic and outright atrocities. The results of which would Fry the Brain, both psychologically and literally with a bullet. The effects of guerrilla sniping is the focus of the book and the author does a very thorough job of explaining the tactics, methods and results of this type of warfare. He also goes on to provide many detailed case studies showing the way urban guerrilla sniping has been used and describes its effectiveness. One of these case studies is even the assassination of JFK, where he elaborately describes what more than likely really happened. He also provides suggestions and methods for countering the unique threat or guerrilla sniping that has become more prominent in the past few decades and will like continue to play a major roles in conflicts in the future. The book is very thorough and can drag on at times, but it is detailed with many valuable lessons to be learned. It is a highly recommended read for anyone who maybe preparing to deploy into hostile environments, both military and law enforcement.

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Terwilliger Anderson

One point to note – if you have KindleUnlimited this is available for free.


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